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Tianjin Chunfa Bio-Technology Group Co.,Ltd, of which predecessor was established in 1992, is committed to the savoryfood flavour and seasoning development, research, manufacture and marketing.With 20 years of progress, Tianjin Chunfa group consistently grow and maturegradually. Started from only a few square meters of small workshops to nowAsian first-class modern production base. Regarding the quality safety, TianjinChunfa group is authorised the U.S. AIB food safety certification and owned theNational Savory Flavor Testing Lab, which test results are recognized byglobally 32 countries and regions. On the business cooperation, Tianjin Chunfagroup customers are not only from all over the major domestic provinces,municipalities and autonomous regions, but also from the overseas. Its annualsales are more than 400 million RMB. Tianjin Chunfa group has grown as industryleaders and known as model in the industry. Tianjin Chunfa group wasestablished as the group parent company in 2011, which has three subsidiaries:Tianjin Chunyu Food Ingredients Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chunsheng Muslim Food Co.,Ltd., and Tianjin Chunfa Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. TianjinChunyu Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. was put into operation in 2011, which coversan area of nearly hundred of acres, with investment of about 300 million RMB,which imported fully automatic whole-closed production equipment from Germany,reaching the Asian first-class and the international advanced level. TianjinChunsheng Muslim Food Co., Ltd., was established in 2011,which is specializedin the Muslim savory food flavour and compound seasoning and it is the firstenterprise to produce the pure savory Muslim food flavor in the industry.Tianjin Chunsheng company covers an area of 2062 square meters, and its annualcapacity 2000 tons. Tianjin Chunsheng company manufacture the chicken, beef andvegetable flavours, totally more than 200 kinds, which customers are in theline of chicken essence, compound seasoning, meat products, instant noodles,vegetarian flour, and snack food. Tianjin Chunshen company owned the separatedplant, which engaged Tianjin Muslim Association Imam Hongxing Wang as residentimam, who is supervised the production progress, purchasing and etc. The Hui nationalityemployees accounted for 58% of the total number of employees. In 2012, TianjinChunsheng company successfully applied for the title of “the twelfth five-yearminority merchandise production enterprise”, which is the first one in Chinesesavory food industry.

Tianjin Chunfa group savory flavour andseasoning, including four types of powder, water- liquid, oil-liquid and paste,which is more than hundreds kinds of products, have been widely used in meatproducts, instant noodles, quick-frozen prepared food, chicken essence andcompound seasoning, snack food, catering and etc.

In order to achieve the rapid andsustainable development, Tianjin Chunfa group continued to increase theinvestment in the technology research and development. Currently, TianjinChunfa group based on the Blending technology, Maillard reaction technology, Molecular sensory technology, Flavorcomposition analysis technology, Microencapsulation, Targeting enzyme as thecore technology, the company constantly develop the unique creative, functionalexcellent products to meet the savory food development demands, which providethe technical support for the product function, quality, food safety andinternational practice.

In recent years, Tianjin Chunfa group iscommitted to the natural sense and natural savory flavor research anddevelopment, and invested a lot in research of the kitchen cooking food flavorand formation mechanism and industrial production conversion of cooking flavor,and also developed the natural pork powder, natural beef powder, pure naturalchicken powder, natural  peptides,natural enzymatic fish powder, natural mushroom sauce, natural kelp sauce andetc., which better meet consumers’ demand for food flavor and food safety.

During the 20 years development, TianjinChunfa group has never stop to explore and develop To focus on sophisticatedprofessional and professional create excellence. Tianjin Chunfa group will keepthe "add taste to people's life, provide delicious enjoyment" astarget and consistently develop and research the savory flavour to promote thehealthy and sustainable development of Chinese food industry.

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