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R&D Center Introduction

Basic Goal : 

Developing and owning the independent intellectual property rights of the world's leading savory food flavor technical support system 

Center Qualification: 

Tianjin Chunfa Bio-Technology Group Co., Ltd, is entitled by Tianjin Municipality and City-level key laboratory, Tianjin flavor food ingredient enterprise key laboratory, Postdoctoral scientific research station, Tianjin City Patent demonstration unit, which own more than 100 authorized invention patents.       

R&D Investment : 

The company believe that the technology as one of the main traction of growth, pay more attention to the importance to R & D investment, Investing more than 5% of sales every year for basic research projects, technology platform construction, product development and international cooperation project funds

Talent Team : 

We have a professional, rigorous and efficient scientific research team, which has a master's degree or above accounted for 57%, and hired the senior expert from the United States as a full-time technical adviser.

Platform Equipment : R & D center own the kitchen cooking, natural products, biological fermentation, control and release microencapsulation and flavor peptide technical and etc. transformation platform which leading the industry; imported of GC-MS, smelling machine, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), super critical CO2 extraction equipment and international advanced laboratory equipment and test instrument, which strongly support to carry out in-depth basic research and technology transfer work. 

External Cooperation : 

Based on the independent development and actively carried out open cooperation with  many domestic universities and research institutes to sign long-term cooperation agreement, it has undertaken National 863 plan project, Tianjin spark plan project and such as the national, provincial, municipal science and technology projects, output a lot of scientific and technological achievements, effe

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